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Design Tools for the CLA Consultant
CAD, Estimating, Specifications, Forms
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To Download Files from this page, right mouse click on link and "save target as".


CAD Drawing Template

One drawing template file that includes all layouts, linestyles, symbols (associated CTB Files require seperate download)

Plotting Resources

CTB Files - ensures layouts plot work by system (screen shot)

Audio Video

Building Automation

Cabling Systems

Clinical Systems

Communications Systems

Communications Pathways

Fire Alarm Systems

Security and Safety Systems

PC3 Files - HP450C - Sample only (most systems will require plotter specific configuration)

Master System Drawings - Inlcude system specific symbols, line styles, layers and layout.   (Use these drawings to create tool palettes in AutoCAD.)

AUDIO/VIDEO - T-avsy-equipment legend.dwg

BUILDING AUTOMATION - T-basy-symbols legend.dwg

CABLING - T-cabl-equipment legend.dwg and T-cabl-symbols legend.dwg

CLINICAL - T-clsy-symbols legend.dwg

COMMUNICATIONS - T-cmsy-equipment legend.dwg

PATHWAYS - T-cpth-equipment legend.dwg and T-cpth-symbols legend.dwg

FIRE ALARM - T-fasy-symbols legend.dwg

SAFETY AND SECURITY T-sssy-equipment legend.dwg and T-sssy-symbols legend.dwg

To learn more about CAD standards for construction visit the web site for the National CAD Standard or see CSI's Uniform Drawing System.




CLA Estimating Spreadsheet - This spreadsheet is a template file that organizes CLA related cost based on the MasterFormat 2004 structure. The password to unprotect the spreadsheet is "cla". To hide or unhide rows and columns or to make edits in cells other than the pricing column or notes column you will need unlock the worksheet. This is spreadsheet is a high level estimating tool that works well during the design phase of a project. Please verify all formulas to ensure that the spreadsheet provides you with accurate numbers. CLADI assumes no responsibility for the use of this spreadsheet by any user, it is solely intended to service as template and guide in your own efforts to organize CLA related costs associated with a project.



The following commonly used forms are intended to service as templates in your effort to create your own corporate masters. For a complete list of construction forms and other variations of these forms look on The Construction Specifications (CSI) website.

Meeting Agenda - Used to plan the topics of discussion.

Meeting Minutes - Used to record the discussion and action items at a meeting.

Transmittal - Used to document the transmission of information from one participant to another. (i.e. drawings or cut sheets)

Field Order - Issued to contractor by consultant to document a field directive that does not affect time or price.

Field Order Log - Log for Field orders

Change Order Request - Submitted by contractor to consultant in response to a field order or self initiated to document the need for a change in time or price.

Change Order - Issued to contractor by consultant including owners signature authorizing a change in the time and/or price of the project

Change Order Log - Log for Change Orders

Punchlist - Issued to contractor by consultant near the end of a project identifying unfinished work.







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