Communications, Life Safety and Automation Design Institute (CLADI)

CLADI was created in 2004 to serve the communications, life safety, and automation (CLA) industries. Although the term CLA is relatively new, the various industries are not. In fact, CLA systems are established and essential elements in the life of a modern commercial building.

All commercial buildings contain separate systems and accompanying infrastructure to transport energy and information. CLA systems transport information.

CLADI was formed to:

  • Help CLA consultants integrate into the construction process by providing information, design tools, and discussion forums.
  • Create awareness of CLA industry expertise within the building design and construction communities.
  • Broker relationships between associations and manufacturers throughout the industry.
  • Establish a broadbased CLA industry design certification.

CLADI is a partnership and cooperative effort involving associations and manufacturers from all areas of the CLA industries. The CLADI Web site is maintained by BICSI (




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